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How SWTCH Can Grow Your EV Charging Business

An image meant to represent SWTCH's commitment to partner success

At SWTCH, we believe that one of the best ways to make EV charging grow and become more accessible is to ensure everyone benefits from the rollout of new chargers—from drivers to property owners to the contractors who actually install the chargers.

This belief informs the way we develop our software platform, what hardware we support, and how we engage with all of our partners.

If you’d like to get to know us a little better, here’s a rundown of some of the things we’ll do to help you grow your EV charging installation business.

How we help our partners win

We have a team distributed all over North America, and each member is an expert in the electric vehicle charging landscape within their region. We bring this expertise to the table for every project we partner on, and help to ensure that everything from layout, to networking, electrical, installation and commissioning —and all the paperwork needed along the way—are completed promptly.

In other words, we try to make sure the tedious stuff doesn’t get in the way of the job you’re trying to do.

Partnering with SWTCH to deliver various EV Charging technologies has been a great experience for Tridel. They are a forward thinking company tailoring solutions to their clients’ needs as well as end user customers delivering a great experience across the board.

Graeme Armster

Director of Sustainability, Tridel

We help secure funding for projects

There are thousands of dollars per project up for grabs, with funding from federal, state, and local governments being used to get huge numbers of chargers in the ground to prepare for an electrified future.

At SWTCH, we keep a close eye on all the funding opportunities that are out there. When it’s time to make an application, we provide ongoing advice and our track record of successful applications to help secure the money that is available. This means that, together, we can get great projects off the ground at the best possible price for our customers, without it requiring any additional effort or input from you.


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Our open platform opens new possibilities for EV charging projects

We specialize in open EV charging solutions that include advanced features at an affordable price. Our offering is especially well-suited to busy environments like apartment or condo buildings, shopping malls, office buildings, and anywhere else a large number of people live, work, or play.

We have an open platform, meaning that any OCPP 2.1-certified hardware will work with our software. This helps to empower properties—and yourselves—to choose or recommend the best possible hardware option for any given project.

This is a huge benefit because it prevents properties from getting stuck. If they decide they want different hardware or software down the line, it’s easy to do so as needed. With closed platforms, where the charger and the software come as a package, replacement usually means ripping everything out and starting from scratch. And that costs a lot of money.

Our software is built to allow for participation in utility demand programs

As an added benefit, our platform allows for properties to participate in utility demand programs, provided compatible hardware is also selected.

This means that when demand across the grid is particularly high, our chargers can reduce the amount of electricity they draw or stop altogether, waiting until demand lowers before beginning to work again.

With electricity consumption on the rise thanks to EVs, AI, increased heating and cooling demands, and more, this technology is soon to be in high demand with utilities and likely to become a requirement for incentive programs down the line.

How the SWTCH platform is built to win deals

Everything our software does is designed to make it easier for drivers to charge their vehicles and for property owners to operate their chargers. When trying to win deals, there are some considerable benefits to being able to offer the kinds of capabilities baked into our software.

Here’s a quick run-through of some of the main benefits of our platform:

Wow clients with more chargers at less cost

With SWTCH, up to four EV chargers can share a single circuit, with intelligent software working behind the scenes to adjust where the current flows based on each charger’s demand. Because cars typically get left plugged in overnight, there’s plenty of time for each vehicle to charge up fully, even if the current is being split four ways.

It’s a definite “wow” moment to be able to show building owners how many more chargers their buildings can handle with the SWTCH platform, and something we’ve seen win deals time and time again.

IMG_2435 (Custom)

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Make EV charging fit into your clients’ buildings easily

The smarts in the SWTCH platform go well beyond just the chargers. SWTCH power-monitoring devices can be installed on mixed-load panels and used to adjust charger demand based on overall energy consumption.

When other variable demand sources—heating and cooling, for example—require more energy, the chargers can adapt to draw less. It means even when overall demand is high, your clients’ chargers won’t push them to the point of incurring demand charges.

This means fewer headaches for your clients, less need for anyone to spend a lot of time managing chargers, and also helps to reduce or eliminate the need for expensive upgrades to transformers or panels.

We monitor chargers to ensure they are working as they should

Charger reliability is a big concern, and we take pains to ensure that the work we do together keeps tenants and property owners satisfied for years to come.

For this reason, all chargers on our network receive 24/7/365 remote monitoring so that our team becomes aware of problems before drivers do. We can then take the necessary steps to either correct an issue remotely or arrange for a repair crew to be dispatched.

SWTCH has been a great provider and partner with us for EV deployment throughout our building portfolio. The SWTCH chargers provide great flexibility for EV users and enhanced data analytics for the building management team.

Abid Syed

Building Technology Manager, Kingsett Capital

Let’s work together

Demand for EV chargers is growing by the day, and property owners across the country are looking for reliable partners with whom to do business. Work with us, and we can ensure every property owner gets the great, reliable, affordable EV charging experience they ought to have.

Get in touch with us here, and let’s get working!

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