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Partner with SWTCH for a superior EV charging solution


Let SWTCH help delight your customers with our EV charging solution, so you can focus on what you do best.

Partner with SWTCH for a superior EV charging solution

Building the “EV-ready” future together

We are dedicated to helping our partners succeed in the rapidly changing EV industry, by providing the support needed to excel. From our 24/7/365 support team to exclusive resources & training – we’re dedicated to helping our partners succeed in the rapidly changing EV industry – from building portfolio managers to energy consultants, electrical engineers, installers, equipment suppliers and technology providers in all markets across North America:

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You have strong client relationships and are experienced in installing EV charging equipment, or you are interested in expanding into EV charging to better serve your clients. At SWTCH, we can help you build new revenue streams by extending your existing service offering. Our partners choose SWTCH because they know they will be well-supported through the full process with a positive experience for their clients, which means they can focus on generating new business.

You have demonstrated expertise in solution-based selling and established strong client relationships. Strengthen existing relationships by providing a robust EV charging solution with advanced energy management, maximum uptime, 24/7 support, and fully customizable access controls without any proprietary hardware or vendor lock-in.

You’re looking for an integrated charging solution that provides intelligent energy management to maximize productivity and minimize operational costs. Our customizable solution, integrated with major telematics platforms such as Geotab, allows you the flexibility to design the appropriate system for your fleet.

You already have strong relationships with electrical contractors. SWTCH can help you extend your offering by bringing quality tested hardware, and a truly turn-key EV solution with advanced and fully customizable features into the mix.

You produce EV chargers that are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant and you are interested in expanding your reach. We are always keen to learn about new OCPP-compliant chargers to ensure our clients can choose from the best options out there.

You develop building management software (i.e. tenant apps, energy management) and you are interested in integrating with our EV charging software. Be prepared for the future of energy management by aligning with a partner experienced in distributed energy integrations, load management and bidirectional charging.

The best feedback we get from SWTCH customers - is the lack of feedback! No negative feedback is the best thing we can ask for, it speaks volumes. The only company where we get zero complaints.

Brandon Mortka

Director of Commercial Sales, PISO

Over the past five years, we have worked extensively with other charging providers. But recently, we have found ourselves consistently recommending SWTCH’s chargers and network solution. The logistics of getting equipment, the simplicity of commissioning, and the client support have been unparalleled.

Michael Kay

CEO, SkyCharge Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our blog for a few profiles of some of our partnerships. Contact us to learn more about any specific type and we’d be happy to share how we can work with your company to achieve mutual success.

We believe that successful partnerships are built on strong communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to achieving common goals. We work closely with our partners to establish clear expectations and goals, and we communicate regularly to ensure that we are making progress toward our shared objectives and we encourage our partners to provide regular and candid feedback.

We offer a range of partnership opportunities, including partnerships for the development of new products and services, partnerships for the distribution and installation of our electric vehicle charging software, partnerships for providing on-site maintenance services and partnerships for the promotion and marketing of our products and services.

If your company is interested in becoming a partner, you can contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities. We will work with you to identify areas of mutual interest and develop a partnership agreement that meets the needs of both companies.

Ready to join forces?

We’re always looking for passionate partners keen to help us meet the rapidly growing demand for accessible EV charging infrastructure. You know your business best and we’re here to support you. Let’s grow together.

Ready to join forces?