Charging Solutions for Workplace

Give your employees the gift of workplace charging. Next to home, there's no place more convenient to charge than at work.



SWTCH makes it easy to provide EV charging to employees and visitors. We offer flexible access policies and pricing structures, data usage reporting, and remote monitoring & diagnostics.

  • Seamless experience for EV owners

    We provide multiple options for access and payment, as well as 24/7/365 customer and technical support.

  • Lower upfront capital & install costs

    We offer competitively priced hardware and load management to limit upfront electrical costs.

  • Truly future-proof

    Get more choice & flexibility with open standards. No vendor lock-in, no stranded assets.

Flexible Access & Pricing Policies

Built-In Energy Tracking

Load Management

Open Standards Compliance

Reporting & Analytics

24/7 Customer Support


Essential for the modern workplace.

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, workplaces are expected to provide EV charging to employees and visitors. Show your appreciation for employees by providing EV charging as an amenity, and demonstrate your leadership in sustainability. 

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