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EV Charging Services

Peace of mind with SWTCH CareTM

With SWTCH Care™, rest easy knowing that your investment is taken care of through our comprehensive support offering, including:

Peace of mind with SWTCH Care<sup>TM</sup>

With our 24/7/365 remote monitoring, we’ll know about problems before your drivers do:

  • Our remote access diagnostic and dispatch services keep your system running smoothly before a serious problem occurs.
  • A guaranteed 98% annual charger uptime – with a non-performance penalty for outages caused by hardware or software failures. (See Service Agreement for full details of exclusions)
  • For any hardware or software issues that arise, a dedicated SWTCH representative will investigate remotely within one business day.
  • If parts are needing to be replaced, SWTCH will expedite all parts either from the SWTCH warehouse or from the manufacturer, at no cost to you.
  • For hardware issues requiring replacement, a SWTCH qualified technician will service your station within 3 business days (after any replacement parts have been received).

We extend the manufacturer warranty for as long as you subscribe to SWTCH Care™, covering the following:

  • Labor fees for necessary repairs during the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • All parts and labor fees to repair and service your chargers outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, including items such as vandalism, auto accidents and excessive wear and tear.*Refer to the SWTCH Services brochure to see a list of exceptions for items not covered.

On-site maintenance and diagnostics is performed during any service for an identified hardware issue, including:

  • Physical assessment of damage and/or wear to hardware – includes health of charging cables, stability of charging mount, cleaning (graffiti/vandalism to charger shells, wiping down of stations, environmental cleaning of interior if needed).
  • Inspect and test networking hardware and internet connection.

Payment flexibility with SWTCH’s Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Our CaaS plan provides a streamlined approach to make EV charging a reality for your properties. Bundle hardware, installation, software, energy & asset management (SWTCH Control™), and our SWTCH Care™ service plan into one monthly subscription:

Improve NOI

Unlock new revenue streams and market value to increase your NOI without the need for capital expenditures.

Gain peace of mind with SWTCH Care™

Avoid complexities with our turn-key installation and on-going system management, with a predictable monthly cost.

Maximize efficiency

Rest easy knowing that your investment is taken care of through our comprehensive support service.

Frequently Asked Questions

SWTCH CaaS includes everything in the SWTCH Care package in addition to covering the cost of all the charging equipment and installation. 

Only Level 2 charges can be covered under SWTCH Care.  If an enhanced Operations and Maintenance Plan is required for a DCFC, SWTCH can help to facilitate this with one of our Service Partners.

Yes! If you aren’t able to fund the larger upfront cost of the equipment & installation (or would prefer to pay regular payments ongoing), then SWTCH’s Charging-as-a-Service may be a great option. It operates on a subscription basis and includes on-going service and warranty, providing a true piece of mind ensuring your system is well taken care of.

Interested in SWTCH for your property?

With SWTCH Care™ and CaaS we provide even more ways for busy property managers and owners to make EV charging a reality. From asset monitoring to comprehensive O&M support - we take the work out of servicing your system so you don’t have to.
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