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Multifamily EV Charging
Multifamily EV Charging

Multifamily EV Charging


A scalable solution tailored to your property and residents

Multifamily EV charging is our specialty. With thousands of charging systems deployed, our solution has been designed to meet the unique needs of multifamily properties


A hands-off EV charging solution – tailored to fit your needs

SWTCH OS™ offers building managers and operators a customized solution that takes the work out of managing an EV charging system – from access control, to rate structures, loitering enforcement, turn-key billing, and a comprehensive reporting dashboard. We design every system based on the unique needs of your property and its residents.

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Future-proof your building with SWTCH’s Intelligent Load Management

With SWTCH, we’ll maximize the number of EV chargers you can safely install without triggering substantial infrastructure costs. Our Intelligent Load Manager, SWTCH Control™, continuously manages the electricity being consumed by the chargers based on the capacity that is available at any given moment. By doing so, we help our customers safely install and manage up to 10x more EV chargers. SWTCH Control™ allows properties to cost-effectively scale their charging infrastructure as the demand for electric vehicles grows.

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Choose hardware that fit your needs

All our technology is built on the global open communication standard for EV charging – Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). This ensures your system is flexible, scalable, and vendor-agnostic. Our OCPP-certified solution is fully customizable and flexible to match the specific demands of your property, both now and in the future.

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Peace of mind with our industry leading 24/7 support 365 days a year

We offer unparalleled around-the-clock technical, administrative, and customer service support – ensuring building operators, EV chargers, and drivers are always looked after.

Our SWTCH Care™ service extends our industry leading support to provide comprehensive assurance with coverage for in-warranty and out-of-warranty parts and labor if the unforeseen happens.

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Partnering with SWTCH to deliver various EV Charging technologies has been a great experience for Tridel. They are a forward thinking company tailoring solutions to their clients’ needs as well as end user customers delivering a great experience across the board.

Graeme Armster

Director of Sustainability, Tridel

Utilizing SWTCH to execute our plan to install and manage EV chargers at Skyline’s properties has been a seamless experience. We’re future-proofing our buildings to benefit our tenants and incorporate clean energy alternatives that reduce our carbon footprint. SWTCH’s software takes the electrical load management off our hands while providing a solution that makes financial sense.

Rob Stein

President, Skyline Energy

Providing ample EV charging for our residents, tenants, and customers is only going to become more important in our fast-changing markets, and SWTCH has been key to supporting our efforts in this space at many of our latest projects, be it in Los Angeles, Chicago, or Vancouver.

Duncan Wlodarczak

Chief of Staff, Onni Group

Working with SWTCH has been great. I talked to about seven or eight other charging companies, and it's very difficult to get actual help. SWTCH was super responsive and quick with great advice. I soon realized they had the expertise to work out a customized solution for our condo. That's why we decided to go with SWTCH.

Jim Gartner

Board Member, The Treviso Condominum

Property managers have enough on their plate as it is. SWTCH’s services removed all headaches associated with providing EV charging, and Signature Electric was great to work with on the installation. Our residents have been extremely happy with SWTCH’s service and enthusiastic about the decision to add EV charging to our building.

Dan Bonea

Manager, Crossbridge Properties

Clients who trust SWTCH

We are proud to be the EV charging provider for properties that strive for excellence.

SWTCH is here every step of the way

From system design and incentives, to installation and on-going management and support - SWTCH and our network of installation partners are here to support your EV charger system at every step of the way.

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Multifamily Case Study: Condo adds 21 EV charging stations and avoids $24K in electrical upgrades

Like most existing buildings, New Times Square faced significant electrical capacity constraints when considering adding EV chargers. A networked load managed approach allowed residents to access their own private charger while saving the corporation time and money.
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Multifamily Case Study: Condo adds 21 EV charging stations and avoids $24K in electrical upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

During the onboarding process, before your chargers are live, SWTCH’s Customer Success team will work directly with you to understand your property, your drivers, and goals. With this information, they will tailor the properties of the system and each EV charger accordingly. If these need to be modified after going live, they can either be adjusted directly through your account on SWTCH OS, our EV charging platform, or by contacting your Customer Success Representative. 

SWTCH Charge cards are free of charge. Drivers simply need to request one from their SWTCH app or through our customer support team (1-844-798-2438 / They will get mailed directly to them and will arrive already connected to their app, allowing them to activate the charger by simply tapping the card on a SWTCH EV charger.

If you are a new station owner, you should have received an email containing your account activation link, allowing you to create your administration account. After setting up your account, you can sign in and start managing your stations, accessing your dashboard, setting prices, controlling access, and analysing usage data. If you did not receive the account activation email, please contact the customer support team to resend it to you.

As the owner of the station, you have the authority to establish all crucial rules and regulations for your stations, such as deciding who can use them and how much they will be charged for electric vehicle charging. SWTCH can review your electricity bills to advise on charging rates that will recover your energy costs as well as comparable rates in your vicinity if the goal is revenue generation. Ultimately, the final decision is entirely up to you.

SWTCH can either work with your electrical contractor to ensure the chargers are installed and configured correctly to operate on the SWTCH network, or if a turnkey service is required, SWTCH will engage one of its qualified installation partners.

SWTCH provides 24/7/365 remote monitoring and support of all charging stations on its network to proactively identify and resolve any hardware issues.  SWTCH supplied equipment will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty as well as enhanced Operations and Maintenance Packages (SWTCH Care) are available.  SWTCH will work with your on-site staff to facilitate any required equipment replacement. 

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Our technology allows busy property managers and owners the freedom to not worry. From asset monitoring and energy management to comprehensive reporting and customer support - we take care of the work so you don’t have to.
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At SWTCH, we are dedicated to technological innovation that continues to deliver a state-of-the-art solution designed for EV drivers, properties both new and old, and the grid of the future.

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