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Baltimore-Area Multifamily Properties are Eligible for a $30K Grant to Install EV Chargers


As of January 2024, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) extended their “Commercial Customer Charger Rebate” program, which provides 50% (up to $5K per Level 2) in rebates up to $30K for installing EV charging at multifamily properties. But the funding won’t last forever – if interested in learning more and taking advantage of this funding, get in touch with us.

Program Summary & Incentive Amounts

BGE is looking to help multifamily property owners get ready for the growing demand in electric vehicles by offering up to $30K in rebates for each property that installs EV charging:

Level 2 Charger Receive a 50% rebate (up to $5,000 per eligible charging port) on the cost of the charger, warranty and installation​
​DCFC Charger ​Receive a 50% rebate (up to $15,000) on the cost of the charger, warranty and installation


The total rebate caps at $30,000 (so 6 Level 2 chargers or 2 DCFC chargers) for each commercial property you own within BGE’s service area.

Note – additional savings through state and federal rebates and incentives may be available. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Energy website, Maryland Energy Administration website, or speak to a SWTCH representative to learn what you may be eligible for.


BGE offers rebates up to $30,000 to three different Commercial customer groups:

​​Customer Group ​Electric Rate Schedule ​Additional Requirements
​​Multifamily Property Owner ​G, GS or GL ​​Must own/operate the multifamily property
​​Homeowner’s Association ​​G, GS or GL ​​Must own/operate the multifamily property complex on behalf of residents/tenants
​​Workplace/Fleet for Maryland Small Business or Local Nonprofit ​​G or GS ​​Company must be based or formed in Maryland Nonprofits are defined as entities recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as having current 501(c) tax exempt status.

Additional Program Requirements

All applicants must:

  1. Purchase a qualified Level 2 and DCFC charger. Several SWTCH Level 2 and DC Fast chargers are eligible.
  2. Submit the rebate application within 30 days of successful installation.
  3. Give BGE access to your charging data, which requires either Wi-Fi or a 4G network at your property.
  4. Provide BGE with the price EV drivers pay to charge their vehicles at your chargers.
  5. Provide the completed rebate form as well as a copy of sales receipts, installation invoice, and photo of chargers

Steps to Participate

Step 1: Connect with a EV charging service provider like SWTCH to design & plan your system 

At SWTCH, we’ll start by working with you to design the optimal charging system while providing funding consultation and guidance – ensuring your eligibility and maximizing your
success rate.

Once approved, we handle it all – from installation in partnership with our national network of contractors to commissioning and on-going energy management and support – ensuring your drivers and charging system are taken care of.

Step 2: Purchase & have your  eligible charger(s) installed

Purchase your approved Level 2 or DCFC charger(s) and have them installed in your property.  If your electrician determines your electric service needs to be upgraded to accommodate the chargers, you will need to go through the BGE New Business process.

Step 3: Apply for the rebate

Within 30 days of your installation, SWTCH will work with you to ensure the necessary documentation is prepared and submitted properly to ensure you get your rebate quickly.

Step 4: Receive your rebate in approximately 4–6 weeks

Your rebate will arrive by mail once your application has been submitted, received and approved.

Get in touch with SWTCH today:

At SWTCH, we’ve helped hundreds of our clients successfully secure incentive funding. SWTCH is a leading provider of EV charging systems designed specifically for multifamily properties. We offer property managers and operators a scalable solution that can support the demand for EV charging both today, and in the future.  To learn more about SWTCH, check out our multifamily and workplace EV Charging solutions, and if interested in learning more about the funding opportunity and your eligibility, get in touch with us asap.


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EV charging installation outside an apartment complex

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