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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! It’s not necessary to download the mobile app – you can start charging via your browser at, or with your SWTCH RFID card. However, the benefit of using a SWTCH account in the app is that you can save your favorite chargers, keep track of your billing, and save your login and payment information.

Nope! Guest checkout is available through the SWTCH mobile app or at Simply type the charger ID into the search bar on the homepage and follow the on-screen instructions. 

If you’re having a hard time getting strong cell reception, you can request a complimentary SWTCH Charge Card (see below) – allowing you to tap any available SWTCH charger to start charging.  You may also initiate the charging session as soon as you re-establish your cell connection (ie. you don’t have to be standing next to the charger to initiate the session).

  1. Using SWTCH Mobile app: Open the SWTCH mobile app, make sure you are logged in, then press ‘Request Charge Card’ in the drop-down menu at the top right.
  2. Using SWTCH Web app: Go to, make sure you are logged in, then press the menu at the top right > Settings > Request charge card.

SWTCH operates on a wallet system where a minimum $10 is added if your wallet balance falls below zero. The rate to charge varies by location as determined by the owner – you can find out the price of a specific charger by searching by charger ID on the mobile or web app.

Check to make sure the charging cable is securely connected to your vehicle, and make sure your charging schedule is disabled.

Call us! We’re available 24/7 at 1-844-798-2438. We’re also available at


During the onboarding process, before your chargers are live, SWTCH’ Customer Success team will work directly with you to understand your property, your drivers, and goals. With this information, they will tailor the properties of the system and each EV charger accordingly. If these need to be modified after going live, they can either be adjusted directly through your account on SWTCH OSTM, our EV charging platform, or by contacting your Customer Success Representative.

SWTCH Charge cards are free of charge. Drivers simply need to request one from their SWTCH app or through our customer support team (1-844-798-2438 / They will get mailed directly to them and will arrive already connected to their app, allowing them to activate the charger by simply tapping the card on a SWTCH EV charger.

If you are a new station owner, you should have received an email containing your account activation link, allowing you to create your administration account. After setting up your account, you can sign in and start managing your stations, accessing your dashboard, setting prices, controlling access, and analysing usage data. If you did not receive the account activation email, please contact the customer support team to resend it to you.

As the owner of the station, you have the authority to establish all crucial rules and regulations for your stations, such as deciding who can use them and how much they will be charged for electric vehicle charging. SWTCH can review your electricity bills to advise on charging rates that will recover your energy costs as well as comparable rates in your vicinity if the goal is revenue generation.,  Ultimately, the final decision is entirely up to you.

SWTCH can either work with your electrical contractor to ensure the chargers are installed and configured correctly to operate on the SWTCH network or if a turnkey service is required, SWTCH will engage one if it’s qualified installation partners.

SWTCH provides 24/7/365 remote monitoring and support of all charging stations on its network to proactively identify and resolve any hardware issues.  SWTCH supplied equipment will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and a extended warranty as well as enhanced Operations and Maintenance Packages (SWTCH Care) are available.  SWTCH will work with your on-site staff to facilitate any required equipment replacement.


SWTCH CaaS includes everything in the SWTCH Care package in addition to covering the cost of all the charging equipment and installation.

Only Level 2 charges can be covered under SWTCH Care.  If an enhanced Operations and Maintenance Plan is required for a DCFC, SWTCH can help to facilitate this with one of our Service Partners.

Yes! If you aren’t able to fund the larger upfront cost of the equipment & installation (or would prefer to pay regular payments ongoing), then SWTCH’s Charging-as-a-Service may be a great option. It operates on a subscription basis and includes on-going service and warranty, providing a true piece of mind ensuring your system is well taken care of.

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With SWTCH Care™ and CaaS we provide even more ways for busy property managers and owners to make EV charging a reality. From asset monitoring to comprehensive O&M support - we take the work out of servicing your system so you don’t have to.
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