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90% Rebate for new Multifamily, Workplace, and Public EV Chargers in Vermont


The Vermont Community EV Charger Funding Program aims to fund 90-100% of the cost for more than 1,300 charging ports at 150 sites throughout the state, and they are open for application as of July 6th, 2023. 

The main focus of the $7 Million in earmarked funds is on multifamily residential buildings as well as workplace and public properties. The program is administered by Green Mountain Power in cooperation with the Vermont Dept. of Housing & Community Development.

We’ve included details of the program below – if interested in taking advantage of this incredible funding opportunity, reach out to us  asap. As a qualified EV charging network and equipment provider for this program, at SWTCH, we can ensure you have the right system for your property and help you submit a strong application.

Who Can Apply?

There are three program categories: Multifamily, workplace, and public parking. Under the multifamily category, while buildings with 3-20 units are prioritized, larger buildings are eligible as well. Likewise, in the workplaces category, priority is given to businesses with less than 100 employees, yet larger companies can still apply. Lastly, public EV charging in parking lots (at community destinations) is also eligible, for both Level 2 and DC Fast chargers (Level 3).

What to keep in mind:

  • The program was launched on July 6, 2023, and runs until 2026 (or until funding has been exhausted)
  • Projects must be installed within 12 months of approval
  • Incentives are eligible for the entire cost of installation (hardware, design, and utility make-ready included)
  • Funding is distributed partly upon application approval and the remainder at project completion

Incentive Highlights

The grants offered under the program are tiered based on the charger level installed. Amounts differ depending on the application category. When applying for multiple locations, there is an applicant cap of $100,000 for Level 2 chargers.

Multifamily Residential & Workplace Grant Amounts

 Level 1 Charger Systems

  • Design and make-ready – $3,600
  • Per OCPP charger – $500
  • Capped at 12 ports per location

Level 2 Charger Systems

  • Design and make-ready – $20,000
  • Hardware per OCPP port – $3,000
  • Capped at 12 ports per location

Public Parking Grant Amounts

Level 2 Charger Incentives

  • Design and make-ready – $20,000
  • Hardware per OCPP port – $3,000
  • Capped at 12 ports per location

Level 3 Charger (DCFC) Incentives

  • Design and make-ready – $40,000
  • Hardware per OCPP port – $30,000
  • Capped at 4 ports per location
  • Applicant cap $640,000 (multiple locations)

Applicant Match Regulations

The program provides funding for between 90% and 100% of the total cost of the installation: 

90% Funding (10% paid for by applicant)
For-profit businesses and multi-unit properties with 50%+ units at market rate, all incentives, when combined with federal, state, and utility grants, cannot exceed 90% of the total project cost

95% Funding (5% paid for by applicant)
Non-profit businesses and multi-unit properties with 50%+ affordable units, all incentives, when combined with federal, state, and utility grants, cannot exceed 95% of the total project cost.

100% Funding (0% paid for by applicant)
For women and minority-owned businesses and properties, all incentives, when combined with federal, state, and utility grants, cannot exceed 100% of the project cost.

Program Requirements

The program includes several requirements for equipment, contractor, and site, some of which are:

  • Certified, internet-connected EVSE hardware with internal metering capability
  • Software with access control, payment processing & host reimbursement, capability for utility-initiated demand response
  • Ongoing operational support & maintenance
  • Use of an open standard protocol for networked equipment (ie: OCPP)
  • Accessibility and signage requirements

You can find more details on the official site or get in touch with SWTCH for immediate help from one of our experts. At SWTCH, we’ve done the legwork to understand the intricacies of the funding program to quickly understand if your application can comply with all the program requirements.

Statewide application process is open now!

The program is open for applications beginning July 6th, 2023 through to January 2026 (or when funding has been fully allocated). Start your project planning now and get your documentation (This includes final site designs and building permits) ready to apply before the funding is gone. Having quality site designs, quotes, and permits included in your application demonstrates project readiness and will dramatically increase your likelihood of receiving funding – all of which SWTCH has extensive experience creating and preparing for numerous incentive programs similar to this one.

Who is SWTCH?

We are pioneers in developing EV charging solutions for multi-residential and commercial properties, with more than 10,000 EV chargers managed on our network across North America. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our EV charging system helps building owners and operators deploy and manage multi-vehicle charging systems.

SWTCH’s solution utilizes the building’s existing grid infrastructure to deploy a cost-effective charging system that works for your EV drivers today and scales effectively to support the growing charging demand in the future. To learn more about SWTCH, check out our multifamily and workplace EV charging solutions.

We can help you navigate the grant application’s complexities and ensure your filing meets the high-quality standards of a successful bid. Connect with Sean Murphy at

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